Feature elaboration template

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Below is a sample process we are using at a client that has predefined features entering their backlog.       FE Milestone 1 FE Milestone 2 FE Milestone 3 PREP Review IA, Features, VD (BA+FTL+DEV+IM) Expand story to 70% completion with Story + AC’s + VD/UX (BA) Confirm ETA for dependency of artefacts. (IM) Expand story to 95% completion with Story + AC’s + […]

Story template

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Sample user story As a: user I want: to be able to manage x So that: I can perform actions against a y   Deliverables Manage x Out of Scope z Preconditions q Entry Points A B C Assumptions No changes AC—01 Given: When: Then: AC—02 Given: When: Then: AC—03 Given: When: Then: AC—04 Given: When: Then: AC—05 Given: When: Then: —————Non – Functional————— AC—10 Given: When: Then: Remember […]

Measuring team and program level agile maturity

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  Below are the few metrics that can be used to measure the team and program level agile maturity. Remember only every measure 1-2 at a time. Ideation to production elapsed time agility to innovate Cycle time – quickest time to get one feature out Release cycle – time to get a release out Defects  – change in defects Productivity – normalized effort to get a […]

Post Implementation Review

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A great way to to manage a program of work and ensure that each project gets an iteratively better chance of success is to ensure you run a post implementation review after each project. Running it after the success release ensures that all parties are involved and its a complete life cycle. One of the techniques I have previously used with a client is to: Sending out […]

Scrum master vs Iteration manager

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The role of iteration manager only appears to exist in Australia the fundamental different I have seen is that there is an element of team management.  Perhaps implicitly draw in by the title of “manager”. A element of team leadership, responsibility over delivery is implied by those who are in this role. Where as a scrum master is more of servant leader who help unblock the […]

Scrum of scrums

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Im in a unique context where are release train doesn’t meet essential SAFe standards i.e. Program Increment planning, system demo’s, PI objectives, vision, Inspect and Adoption at the release train level, and backlog of epics sorted by WSJF (weighted shorted job first). See diagram below of essential SAFe 4.0 This client has a large project that is driving the need of coordination across teams i.e. large project […]

Lines of communication

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Scrum teams are based on 7+-2 team members, the main reason behind this theory is the lines of communication.  That socially we can only maintain x number of relationships. The addition of each team members adds to the lines of communication exponentially. Based on the formula Formula = n(n-1)/2   One of my team current has the following make structure and I find myself ensure that […]

Story points in short living team

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I am currently working with a client where the teams are short living and each team follows a different process. We made the attempt to move away from day level estimates to pseudo story points (as they are implicitly pegged to day efforts). The main benefit realised from this exercise is the reduction in anxiety levels from the dev’s and the increased drive to move on next story once they […]

Definitions of ready and done

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Defining the definitions of ready and done is a good place start in a team’s agile transformation journey. It often aligns the team and creates workflow for the team to follow. Below is a few examples of definitions to use till your hearts content. Story – Definition of ready Stories are written in Gherkin format Wireframes or Visual designs are attached to the user story Story […]

Get the feel out of retrospectives

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I often find that running a retrospective, the routine part of it often warms up people. However the real value is when I ask the question “ok now that is all in the open, how are you really feeling?” This I have seen is often taken by surprise and the value of the conversation now really starts to flow. It is no longer trottled by preconditioning. It’s amazing […]