Definitions of ready and done

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Defining the definitions of ready and done is a good place start in a team’s agile transformation journey. It often aligns the team and creates workflow for theĀ team to follow. Below is a few examples of definitions to use till your hearts content.
Story – Definition of ready

  • Stories are written in Gherkin format
  • Wireframes or Visual designs are attached to the user story
  • Story has interface specs attached
  • Story has an estimate
  • Story is added to project wiki
  • Story does not have any blockers or dependencies
  • Story is in backlog in ready for dev status.

The definition of done can include:

  • Story development is complete as per the acceptance criteria
  • Unit tests executed successfully
  • Peer code review complete and identified changes implemented
  • PACT tests completed
  • All known open defects closed
  • Functional testing is complete; Results attached to the story
  • Story is functional end-to-end (integrated with known dependencies as required by the feature)
  • PO and/or the BA (SME in case of Technical stories) reviews completed story and agrees that
  • the story has met the acceptance criteria
  • Code elevated to UAT environment for feature level integration testing
  • All tasks under the story is closed and hours logged in Jira
  • Status updated appropriately in Jira

Off course use theĀ above as a guide, adding and hacking catering to your environment.

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