Lines of communication

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Scrum teams are based on 7+-2 team members, the main reason behind this theory is the lines of communication.  That socially we can only maintain x number of relationships. The addition of each team members adds to the lines of communication exponentially. Based on the formula Formula = n(n-1)/2


lines of communication

One of my team current has the following make structure and I find myself ensure that everyone communicate with each other.

Projects PO BA Dev QA Team lead IM IT PM Architect
Project 1 p1-PO p1-BA Dev 1

Dev 3

Lead 1 Scrum master PM 1 Arch-1
Project 2 p2-PO p2-BA Dev 4 QA 1 PM2 Arch-2
Project 3 p3-PO p3-BA Dev 5

Dev 6

QA 2 PM3 ?
Project p4-PO p4-BA Dev 7

Dev 8

Dev 9

Dev 10

QA 3 PM4 Arch-4
Total (27) 4 4 9 4 1 1 4 4


27(27-1)/2= 465 lines of communication, excluding releasement management and operations, etc.

“Ideal team”: 13 people = 78 lines of communication is the end goal, weather, how and if this can be achieved is a debate on how the the underlying principles drive to this outcome of team structure.

x 1 1 5 2 1 1 1 1


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