Post Implementation Review

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A great way to to manage a program of work and ensure that each project gets an iteratively better chance of success is to ensure you run a post implementation review after each project. Running it after the success release ensures that all parties are involved and its a complete life cycle.

One of the techniques I have previously used with a client is to:

  1. Sending out a survey to the audience (contact me if you would like a copy of the survey).
  2. Analyse the results to aggregate common themes. Ensure that multiple items are represented repeated so that at the audience can see the emphasis/weight on items.
  3. Run through the results with the audience.
  4. Aggregate themes during the workshop.
  5. Pick the top 3 for 5 why’s or fish bone analysis as the key lessons.
  6. Publishing results (the tone is important).

While all this is happening ensure that you are coaching the team to drive towards the outcomes, remember you are only a facilitator the outcomes will go where the parties want it to go.

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